23rd Hole in the Ice
10th to 12th of March 2023
Kotoranta, Kiljava Suomi


The Program (might change and probably will)

Thursday 9th of March 2023

An overnight preamble in Tallinn EE - Not included in any price, ie. #PayAsYouGo. Tallinn H3 has bailed on us, however we shall not be stopped. This Plube is ON! Book your ferries and accommodation now. Recommended return ferry: Eckerö Line FR 2023.03.10 12:00 (arrival 14:15)

Itinerary Tallinn H3 #777a:

16:00 Meeting at Beer Garden, a short walk from the Tallinn ferry harbor
17:00 Irish Pub Mad Murphy's
18:00 Brewery Õlleklubi
19:00 Maharaja Restaurant (feeding)
20:30 DM Bar
21:30 Valli Bar
22:30 Labor Baar
23:00 Bar With No Name
00:00 Little Secret
  (All times are Hash times!)

Participants: Likk'mm, Polly, Bubbles, RongJon, SoccerMomTomTom, Dr. Feltgood, PutinMySister, YorkiePorky, Cinderella, TeddyBear


Friday 10th of March 2023

17:00 Meeting at Woolshed Bar & Kitchen, next to HELsinki main railway station (Rautatieasema)
WEAR A H3 T-SHIRT to the Woolshed and your first drink is PAID

20:00 Bus departs to Kotoranta SF (email us if we need to pick you up at the HEL airport)

21:00 Bus arrives at Kotoranta SF

21:05 Drop your gear in your room and head for the run

21:06 Circle after the run

22:00 - 24:00 Sauna and evening snack


Saturday, 11th of March 2023

09:30 - 10:30 Brunch

12:00 Run starts

15:00 Circle (this is highly unlikely to happen on time)

16:00 Sauna, snack, The Hole, beer, cider and other beverages

20:00 Dinner (Hash-provided drinks included)

21:30 Hash skits provided by Tallinn H3

22:00 Party (theme: 23 Years or something)

22:30 - 24:00 Sauna and Hole for dirty people


Sunday 12th of March 2023

09:30 - 10:30 Brunch

11:30 Hangover run and circle, grilling the rest of the sausages

14:00 Bus departs for HELsinki SF (if needed we'll go by the HEL airport, again)

15:00 Back in HELsinki city center

15:15 Afters at the Woolshed Bar & Kitchen (at your own expense)


Monday 13th of March 2023

H4 Postamble - Not included in any price

17:30 HELsinki H3 #2342 (the Original HELsinki Hash)

Location: Bodom Bar, Merituulentie 35, Espoo (M1,M2 Niittykumpu)
Hash Cash: No running fee. Beer and snacks at the pub at own cost. Sauna fee: €12

Registration includes:

Return transport to and from the HITI venue

Two nights of accommodation in 2-4 person rooms, two breakfasts, dinner on Saturday with few drinks (have to buy from the venue, beer included in the sauna), bedding, runs and circles mentioned above, snacks in venue, beer, cider, weekend souvenir


Not included:

Towel, flights to/from HELsinki, transport to/from HELsinki Airport, anything in HELsinki, Tallinn preamble ...you get the picture


Your registration confirmed by payment in full on a first paid, first registered basis. Registration is limited to the first 35 registrants according to the date that payment is received. If HITI 2023 is fully subscribed, those who have paid in full will have priority.


  €190 by 31/12/2022  

  €210 from 01/01/2023  

Please email your HHHandle and Nerd Name to for payment instructions


There will be no requirement for masks or social distancing for the weekend, if you are not comfortable with that, please don’t attend. If you wish to wear a mask and keep social distance from others, we will respect that as much as possible over the weekend. If you test positive for CoViD on your return home, you must advise HITI Management immediately so that we can inform all other participants.



Your registration is only completed when we receive your money

HITI Management reserve the right to cancel the event, in which case we will refund your registration fee, less any expenses occurred in advance on your behalf

HITI Management will not be liable for any cancellation fees or health costs that you incur related to the weekend

By completing this registration, you give us consent to store your data. It will be used only by authorised HITI Management for communication related to HITI2023. We will not use it for marketing purposes, nor give or sell it to unrelated third parties

As an adult, you take full responsibility for all your own decisions, including the decision whether or not to come to HITI2023

If Finland authorities prevent HITI2023 from happening for any reason, including a a change in the CoViD status in Finland (for example Finland is put into lockdown and no gatherings are permitted), we will return your registration fee, less any expenses occurred in advance on your behalf

If you are unable to attend due to your own health status, the CoViD status in your home location (for example Finland advises that all visitors from another country must quarantine for 14 days on arrival in Finland), or you are unable to reach Helsinki because of transport issues, we will return as much of your registration fee as we are able to

We are requesting your mailing address so we can deliver your goody bag (if we get around to organising one) in the case of cancellation

Finland currently requires all visitors to have received a full course of an approved CoViD vaccine prior to your arrival. In addition, you must pass any health check currently in force at the border. Check the link below for the latest details

Finland government notices for arriving visitors

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